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Rockin' Little Angel

The new Rockabilly album is now here!

Tracey K. ventures into rockabilly on this fun and energetic record! 

Featuring special guest artists Marti Brom and James Intveld.

Makes you want to kick up your heels dancing!

She's been getting rave reviews for this offering.

Click on the album cover to hear clips from this outstanding new record.



1. Gotta Lot of Rhythm In My Soul

2. Rockin' Little Angel

3. Blue Tattoo

4. Barely Hangin' On

5. Knockin' On The Backside Of Your Heart

6. A Whole Lotta Lonesome

7. Cryin' Over You (featuring James Intveld)

8. Hard Times Ahead (featuring Marti Brom)

9. Dream Lover

10. Stupid Cupid

11. Storm Clouds

12. Just A Little Too Much

13. Funnel Of Love

14. Turning Away



To preview the songs on each album, click on the album covers

Just The Way I Am Salute to Loretta Lynn
Just The Way I Am


1. Let's Put The Country Back In Country Music

2. Just The Way I Am

3. I Heard The Bluebirds Sing (duet with Jim Ed Brown)

4. How Can I Face Tomorrow

5. Is The Grass Any Bluer

6. You Did Everything Right

7. It's a Long Way Down

8. Who's The New Love

9. I'll Only Say Goodbye

10. What's Good For Me

11. Marshall Dillon & Miss Kitty (a parody)

12. Yesterday's Backstreet Cafe




1. I'm a Honky Tonk Girl

2. Whispering Sea

3. Success

4. Before I'm Over You

5. Our Hearts Are Holding Hands (duet with Troy Cook Jr.)

6. Dear Uncle Sam

7. Talking To The Wall

8. If Loneliness Can Kill Me

9. L-O-V-E, Love

10. Wings Upon Your Horns


I'm Not The Same Girl

Falling For You