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This review was written by Marty Martel, President of Reunion of Professional Entertainers (R.O.P.E.) about the R.O.P.E. Spectacular Show on Wed, June 9th, 2010:

“When we first started to put the show together I received an email from a young lady who I have known for several years. I knew she was a great singer, but never had the opportunity to really watch her perform until last night. Keith Bilbrey knew her also, and when she was introduced she came onstage in a beautiful outfit of Red and Silver and rhinestones. She hit the stage and took the audience in the palm of her hand and they loved her and her great performance. Instead of only doing her music, she had invited recording artist James Intveld to sing on her part of the show. To say that we were being treated by two great artists would be the understatement of the evening. James performed one song, but he is super, and together Tracey and James made it worth waiting for them to be on the show. Tracey should have been on a major record label a long time ago. She is country and she takes pride in her music. Go to her website, get her music and do the same for James. What a great shot in the arm they were for our show, and if you want to know the meaning of being professional, then it will start with Tracey K. Houston and James Intveld.”

Houston rocks it to the Max

Craig Palmer - Western Review, Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada

July 8, 2009

Former Drayton Valley resident and country singer Tracey K. Houston played a stunning show at the MAX Centre last Monday (June 29th, 2009).   Houston, who spent junior high and most of high school in Drayton Valley, made her way back to Drayton Valley for the first time in over 20 years.

Houston’s vocals were spot-on for her entire performance, despite her claims that the dry air was having a negative effect on her voice.  Between each song, Houston would spray her throat with a “singer’s secret” to help counteract the dryness.

For most songs, Houston would explain to the crowd what each song meant to her, emphasizing when a song was written by a Canadian.  “Yes, I’m very proud of my heritage,” said Houston, who is now based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Houston said it was surreal to be playing a show in her old high school, but she was still very happy to do so.  “It felt great,” said Houston. “It was very sobering to come back to a nearly sold out show in my hometown and know that they were here to see me.”

Houston also brought along her friend and fellow country star James Intveld, who says he was glad Houston brought him along.  “I would never have played in Drayton Valley otherwise,” said Intveld while on stage, commenting on his first time touring Canada.

Intveld, who has an impressive career in both music and film, played a range of songs spanning his career, including a song he had written for Johnny Cash to perform.

Both Houston and Intveld’s performances left little to be desired, having been complete in both stage presence and sound.

After the show, both groups were mingling with fans, signing autographs and having their photos taken.

The duo continued their tour playing Calgary on Tuesday and Kamloops, British Columbia on Wednesday.

An Evening Of  Country Music Magic

by "Uncle William" (Bill Littleton) - The Bridgeworks -  April 2008

Please know that nobody was fooling anybody April 1 as a sizeable gathering of entertainers entertained a sizeable gathering of fans, all for the purpose of helping defray medical costs for the late Ernie Ashworth and cancer survivor Ray Griff. Tracey K. Houston put the event together with help from David McCormick and others.

The highlights swooped in like bats chasing skeeters on a hot night, so we'll try to focus on everybody getting credited, although that may be a stretch of my capabilities. First act was Jesse McReynolds and The Virginia Boys, a troupe at this point consisting of two of Jesse's grandsons and two neighbors, which is homegrown, I would think. Jesse's comment that he and his brother had played lots of kinds of music over the years, "so maybe I'm still trying to figure out what to do when I grow up" is especially pertinent knowing he sees his 80th birthday this year!!

Stu Phillips did a couple of pretty songs in his inimitable fashion and also served as emcee for the whole event, appropriately discussing the situation at hand. And he shared some of his pulpit humor. Funny stuff.

Next, Jack Greene came out, needing a bit of help to navigate but whalloping "Statue Of A Fool" with the power of past decades. A quick band change was made for James Intveld, whose rockabilly sensibilities were dowsed with the propane power of Chris Scruggs on steel guitar!! Whew!!! Also with James were guitarist Eddie Perez, drummer Mark Horn, and Mark Miller on bass.

Another change brought Lonzo and Oscar on for some genuine country basics, with a focus on a full duet of "I'm My Own Grandpa" and a rousing "Old Country Church." Tracey's band, consisting of Bill Poe on steel, Chris Casello on lead guitar, Jim Hunt on drums, Scott Icenogle on upright bass, and Adolfo Mayo on piano, came on and backed Jim Ed Brown with a fun reading of "Pop A Top," followed by Tracey coming out for a duet with Jim Ed on "I Heard The Bluebirds Sing."

Tracey then sang a Ray Griff song that Jean Shepard recorded, "It's The Wine That's Talking," after which she brought Troy Cook, Jr. out for a duet on the old Ernest Tubb/Loretta Lynn song "Our Hearts Are Holding Hands."

Then Crystal Gayle, performing with Tracey's staff band and her pianist, Will Barrow, created yet another texture of the wonderful country music tapestry, followed by Stonewall Jackson, one of the indisputable characters and unique interpreters, working with Robert Allen on harmonica and Stonewall, Jr. on drums plus the staff band.

Okay, then the show cranked up another notch as Stu introduced David Ball, whose recordings I've heard but whose live show had missed me. Wow! The unit is David on a lot of rhythm guitar, Troy Cook, Jr. playing a WHOLE lot of lead guitar and doing Johnny Paycheck calibre harmonies, Bill Cook (no relation, I understand) on bass, with a drummer whose name did not register in my notes in the dark! Honoring basics by opening with "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down," followed by his own "Thinking Problem," David exemplifies that some seriously real country music has made today's playlists and he should be with us as long as he chooses. Thanks Tracey and David McCormick for a wonderful evening.




COUNTRY JUKEBOX - JUKEBOX WORLD REVIEW as featured on www.countryjukebox.de

(added 8/18/09)

Auch wenn die traditionelle Country Music auf den Playlisten der meisten US-amerikanischen Radiostationen längst ein Schattendasein führt bzw. schon gänzlich daraus verschwunden ist, hat sie ihren Platz in den Herzen der Country Music-Liebhaber noch lange nicht verloren.

Eine Künstlerin, die sich voll und ganz dem unverfälschten „Classic Country“ verschrieben hat, ist die im Westen Kanadas geborene, mit der Plattensammlung ihrer Mutter aus den 50ern und 60ern aufgewachsenen und seit Jahren in Nashville, Tennessee beheimatete Sängerin TRACEY K. HOUSTON.

Ihre aktuelle Albumeinspielung, Just The Way I Am, stammt zwar bereits aus dem vergangenen Jahr, doch gäbe es diese Scheibe mit den zwölf wunderbaren, an die Glanzzeiten so bekannter Country-Stars wie Loretta Lynn, Connie Smith, Jean Shepard und Tammy Wynette erinnernden Songjuwelen nicht, das Leben so manches Country Music-Puristen wäre um einiges trister.

Das ihr die echte Country Music ein echtes Anliegen ist, beweist Houston, die für die wunderschöne Neuauflage des Top 5-Hits „I Heard The Bluebirds Sing“ von den Browns aus dem Jahr 1957 die Grand Ole Opry-Legende Jim Ed Brown als Duettpartner gewinnen konnte, mit dem „Let’s Put The Country Back In Country Music“ betitelten Album-Opener.

Ein Motto, dem die talentierte Sängerin bereits ihr ganzes Leben singend und handelnd folgt und mit dem sie sich nur zu gerne – Veranstalter, Konzertagenturen und Inhaber von Country-Lokalitäten aufgepasst – auch wieder einmal vor europäischen Country Music-Fans präsentieren möchte.

English Translation using Dictionary.com Translator:

Although the traditional country music on the playlists of most U.S. radio stations have long lead a shadowy existence, or has it disappeared completely, it has its place in the hearts of country music fans is not lost.

An artist who fully endorse the undistorted "Classic Country" has prescribed, the Canadian-born in the West, with the record collection of her mother from the 50s and 60s for years and grew up in Nashville, Tennessee-based singer TRACEY K. HOUSTON.

Your current album recording, Just The Way I Am, dates already from last year, but there would be this disc with the twelve wonderful, to the heyday so famous country stars like Loretta Lynn, Connie Smith, Jean Shepard, and Tammy Wynette song reminding Juwelen not, the lives of so many country music purists would be a lot more shape.

That it the real country music is a real concern, Houston demonstrates, for the beautiful new edition of the Top 5 hits "I Heard The Bluebirds Sing" by the Browns in 1957, the Grand Ole Opry Legend Jim Ed Brown as a duet partner won with the "Let's Put The Country Back In Country Music" album titled opener.

A slogan, which the talented singer is already singing her whole life and acting, and follows with which they are only too happy - Organizer, concert agencies and owners of Country-out venues - including once before the European Country Music fans would like to present.


Max W. Achatz
Theodor-Dombart-Straße 5
80805 Munich







CD Review - TRACEY K. HOUSTON - Salute To Loretta Lynn
From Country Music News - April 2007 (by Larry Delaney)

Salute To Loretta Lynn
Songbird – SBCD 07-01
Produced by: Jamie Haage
(10 Selections – Playing Time 25:02)
I’m A Honky Tonk Girl / Whispering Sea / Success / Before I’m Over You / Our Hearts Are Holding Hands / Dear Uncle Sam / Talkin’ To The Wall / If Loneliness Can Kill Me / L-O-V-E, Love / Wings Upon Your Horns.

Canadian-born singer Tracey K. Houston has been making Nashville her home base for the past decade or so, and in recent years has found a special niche performing her Loretta Lynn tribute show – “Hey Loretta, The Girl From Butcher Holler”. In support of the live stage show, Tracey K. Houston now follows-up with this ten-song recording of early career Loretta Lynn hits and album cuts. Houston is especially effective here, with an authentic sound that has many vocal inflections that come very close to the ‘real’ Loretta Lynn.

Tracey K. Houston pays careful attention in covering the early years (basically the 1960’s) of Loretta Lynn’s music catalog – opening this tribute with her breakthrough debut I’m A Honky Tonk Girl, which peaked at #14 in 1960 for Loretta Lynn. Other familiar hits featured here include Success (#6 / 1962); Before I’m Over You (#4 / 1963); Dear Uncle Sam (#4 / 1966), Wings Upon Your Horns (#11 / 1969), etc.

A special feature on the songlist is the tune Our Hearts Are Holding Hands, which was originally done as a duet by Loretta Lynn with Ernest Tubb (#24 / 1965); and Tracey K. Houston calls upon rising star Troy Cook Jr. as the male counterpart on this stirring rendition.

Salute To Loretta Lynn was produced in Branson, Missouri studios by Jamie Haage, who incredibly is credited with playing every instrument featured in the session… busy guy, this Jamie.

Although it has no bearing on the ultimate song selection for this tribute album, being Canadian-born, it would have been neat for Tracey K. Houston to have included three songs recorded by Loretta Lynn that were written by Canadian songwriters – Are You Mine, the Lynn/Tubb duet was co-written by Canadians Myrna Lorrie and Don Grashey; the song Happy Birthday (# 3 / 1964) was written by Canuck DJ Ron Kitson, while Loretta Lynn also recorded a gutsy rendition of the Ray Griff-penned classic, The Morning After Baby Let Me Down… all of which hopefully, might be included on a Vol. 2 Salute To Loretta Lynn by Tracey K. Houston.

For info / copies visit:




Great tribute to a great singer!!!
Reviewer: Dan Szatkowski
Tracey is Loretta reincarnated. She steps in her shoes and does a fantastic job. Hope you do a sequel.

(Mar 14, 2007)


Reviewer: Randall Watters
An excellent tribute to Loretta, one of the best country singers ever!  Love it Tracey!

(Feb 28, 2007)


 This is far and away Tracey's best CD to date!
Reviewer: Ray Griff
Tracey has captured the very soul of Loretta Lynn in her presentation of Loretta's recordings from the 60's.  I can't help but believe that Loretta will feel flattered and moved by the sincerity of which Tracey presents the songs on this special CD.  Good work kiddo!  Ray Griff  www.raygriff.com

(Feb 27, 2007)


 Awesome Tracey K. you rock!
Reviewer: MisSongwriter
Well there's not a better person to do it than you hun, you're awesome at singing any Loretta tune and you master it!  Loretta should be very proud of this salute, you're the best!  luv ya!

(Feb 27, 2007)


Reviewer: Kodiac
Tracey, Excellent job. It is truly amazing, how your voice flows through me and touches my heart.  This album will sell at least a million copies, or it should!  It is the best traditional singing I've had the pleasure of hearing in years.  This album is what real country is all about.  Thank you for restoring my faith in the Traditional Country music.  I was getting really tired of this country pop they are pushing today.

(Feb 27, 2007)


 A beautiful tribute to Loretta!
Reviewer: Tore Brennodden, Norway
We haven't seen many tribute albums to Loretta Lynn in the last few years. Thanks to Tracey K. Houston for this wonderful long overdue salute to The Coal Miner's Daughter. The songs Loretta recorded in the 60s are the main focus in this album and Tracey is doing an excellent job. Tracey goes back and recreate the wonderful traditional sound of the 60s with good help from multi-instrumentalist Jamie Haage. If you like traditional country music this is the album you should not be without. In the liner notes Tracey is saying: "Maybe I'll do a second volume of songs from the 1970s!" Tracey, I think you should!!!

(Feb 2007)






Studio A Presents:

Tracey K's Cafe - A one-hour PBS TV Special

(click link to go to article)



Article appeared in German magazine "Country Circle"


Click on thumbnail to view larger image.  Article is written in German.


Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Bryan Baker, Gajoob e-Zine


Gajoob Logo

Tracey K. Houston:
I'm Not the Same Girl


TKH Enterprises
PO Box 121374
Nashville, TN  37212, USA

EMAIL: traceyk@tkhouston.com
URL: http://www.tkhouston.com

"I'm Not the Same Girl" showcases a solid stable of songs with the spotlight shining brightly on Tracey K. Houston's beautiful vocals. This album fits perfectly in the tradition of Tammy Wynette, with Houston's strong, feminine presence beaming out from track to track. The band is perfect too, able to growl on occasion and always ease these real emotions into the classic country charm that's ever-present here. Highly recommended..

Reviewed by Bryan Baker 8/14/2000.






North Country   

 By Bill Hudgins, Editor


Did you see Tracey K. Houston at this year's International Fan Fair in Nashville?  She was there, her fringed satin cowgirl dress winking with sequins as she signed autographs. Smiling brightly each time she dashed off her signature across another glossy picture, she looked every bit the aspiring country music star. Little did the fans know that after the last autograph hound straggled home, Houston would drive herself away... in a Werner Enterprises truck. 


Born in British Columbia, Canada, Houston started singing at age 3. "Mom was big into Merle [Haggard] and Waylon [Jennings] and I just fell in love with classic country," she says. You can hear a bit of Canada when she speaks; when she sings, the accent disappears and her songs are full-bore twangy, catch-in-the-throat country. 


As she grew up, she sang with a number of bands in the Calgary area. In 1991 she recorded a self-titled mini-album; one of those early songs, "He's Not for Real," did well in Europe. 


Hoping to turn music into a full-time career, she moved to Nashville and worked as a legal secretary while trying to break into show business. A friend had asked her to do some research on trucking as a job, and she became interested. When the secretarial job ended, she enrolled in a driving school ¬ "I was one of the top students," she says proudly ¬ and was hired by Werner. 


Many singers and songwriters get their first  foothold on the steep slope to success in the music industry by signing with small independent labels. It's a way to learn your trade, make contacts and, perhaps, get airplay you can leverage into a shot at a major label. That's been her road.  The title track off her first full album, "Falling for You," hit Number One on the Top 30 Independent Charts in 1997 and also did well in abroad. This year, she released a second CD, "I'm Not the Same Girl" (Songbird Productions). 

At first, Houston drove the Lower 48 states for Werner, but early in 1999 she shifted over to a zone pattern that lets her get home more often to pursue singing. 


Driving cuts into performing, but lets her sift through demo tapes from songwriters. She's thinking about a collection of trucking songs. "Who better to sing them than a real trucker?" she asks.  Meanwhile, she'll keep promoting her work (she has a website at www.tkhouston.com), and driving. You'll probably know her when you hear her come over the CB... her handle is Songbird. 


Reprinted with permission.  Appeared in the September 1999 Road King Magazine


Want to advertise on Road King On Ramp? Click here for details.


Contents Copyright, 1999 Road King On Ramp



Here’s what others are saying about her......


“Sounds like a young Tammy Wynette.” Fate Vanderpool, Producer/Songwriter

“This is one of the best Country Albums I have heard this year!  Most of the tracks are "My Music", traditional country music, and we plug one or two tracks every day.”Hank Svensson, MD/PD, CMR 105,5 ‑ Sweden

“It reminds me of when the music was more pure and in the traditional vein.  At times there are wisps of Loretta or Tammy or Crystal Gayle.  Tracey K’s music is a fresh approach that takes you back to the old days.”

Jim Cartwright, Producer/Artist

“She’s a truck driver and she’s a mighty fine country singer.  I featured her on my program as my ‘Dynamic Discovery’ one week.  She’s good.... good enough to make it.”

Bill Mack (“The Midnight Cowboy”), DJ/Songwriter, 820 AM WBAP, Ft. Worth, TX

“If there was a second coming of Loretta Lynn, Tracey K. would be it.  She reminds me of Loretta in her mannerisms... the way she feels the emotion in a song.”

T.W. Barber, Executive Director, Blackbird Star Music

5 out of 5 stars 
Reviewer:  Peter Finn, London, England
This is country music at its best.  An excellent set of country songs from an Artist who deserves every success.


5 out of 5 stars Now this CD is Country - Enjoy
Reviewer: Steve L. Butts, Country Roads   (click for website)
Seldom does one find a CD that touches your heart and soul. "I'm Not the Same Girl" reflects a traditional touch which few Artists are able to achieve.  Tracey's vocals are reflective of one who is committed to ensuring that traditional country music continues for each of us to enjoy.  Here is an Artist with loads of class and integrity. Regards; Steve at Country Roads


5 out of 5 stars Pure Country, my favorite is The Girl From Oklahoma,
Reviewer: Barbara Wells-Taylor
Tracey, keep up the good work.  There's a lot of fuss over many other Canadian artists but in my opinion none are as clear or as pure country as Tracey is.  Hoping that some major record company finally realizes the talent this girl has and promotes her.


4 out of 5 stars  I'm Not The Same Girl...Superb, Talented, Great Voice, good job
Reviewer: Lou Nelson Promotions & Mgmt
...This is one that all should listen to..  the music is great the voice is untouchable...  and this album will put you into a toe-tappin' spirit...  Good Job Tracey K.






From the liner notes of the CD, released August 16, 1997
Reviewer: Ray Griff, Nashville, Tennessee

“COMPLEX, Emotional, Sincere, Intelligent – these are but a few of the qualities that make up the person of Tracey K. Houston.  Her dream of coming to Nashville and being a country singer have finally been realized.  Tracey K. Houston cannot be stereotyped!  She is real country, and what she manages to capture on her first CD is a page from yesterday, when country music was true and honest.  I’ve always admired people with a dream, who set a path they were bound and determined to follow to the end.  Tracey K. is one of those rare and unique kinds of people.  I should know – I’ve known this lady since she was a little girl! I ask you to pay special attending to the warm and tender way she presents the ballads.  This lady has lived it!  You can feel the hurt! Thank you for recording two of my songs in this, your first of many CDs, and for inviting me to produce your recording of “You Keep On Trying”!  My Best Tracey, Your Pal – RAY GRIFF”


5 out of 5 stars I don't care, you do them all great!
Reviewer: Kenny B!
I have never heard this Artist do a bad job on any song.  She puts her heart and soul into all she does.  May she go a long, long way in this business..... with great success!!!


 4 out of 5 stars
A very enjoyable set of fine country songs from Tracey.  A Welcome addition to those who like true country music.