Shades of Crystal

Tracey K. Houston

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In her early career Tracey K. Houston was also influenced by Crystal Gayle, to whom she pays homage in this album. As a longtime friend and fan, it’s with great admiration and respect Tracey K. presents this new album.

"Tracey K. Houston and I have known each other for many years. I enjoy her music and friendship, and it is always fun to share the stage with her. Although Tracey grew up in British Columbia – far away from my Butcher Holler roots – we both were raised in families that loved playing and singing country music.

"When Tracey came to see me perform at Johnny Cash’s farm outside of Nashville, she told me she was ready to start recording this project. I was excited and honored that she was recording an album of my songs. Her selections include some of my hits and some of my favorite album tracks.

"Tracey is singing great! I love this album!"

~ Crystal Gayle

"Crystal Gayle… I have always loved this lady and her music even before I first met her in 1986 in Calgary, AB. Five years ago, while attending a concert of Crystal’s at the Country Music Hall of Fame, I came up with the idea to do a tribute album to her, since her music was an influence in my early career. After the show I asked how she would feel about it, with a huge smile and a hug her response was, “I would love that!” It’s been my dream ever since.

"Fast forward to the present. I finally recorded this album of some of my favorite Crystal songs, having the great privilege and honor of recording in Crystal’s studio with her son, Chris, the very talented Engineer. Crystal was actively involved with this project as well, with her input and suggestions, an unexpected and pleasant surprise! A huge Thank You also to Bill Gatzimos, her husband, for being instrumental in making this album happen at their studio! A huge thank you to all involved with this album, including the Jamie Haage “dream team” in Branson, MO, who recorded the tracks. "


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