Hey Loretta, The Girl From Butcher Holler™


Tracey K. Houston


Tracey K. Houston, an internationally acclaimed, award-winning, traditional country music artist, presents in song and story, "Hey Loretta, The Girl From Butcher Holler", a loving portrayal of the Queen of Country Music, Ms. Loretta Lynn.

Loretta Webb was born in 1932, the second of eight kids to a coal miner (hence the nickname, "The Coal Miner’s Daughter"), in the mountains of Butcher Holler, Kentucky, and married at the age of 15 to Oliver Vanetta "Mooney" Lynn. She had her fourth child by the time she was 20 and became a grandmother at 32. She embarked upon her professional music career in 1959, and in 1960 released one single, ‘Honky Tonk Girl’, on Zero Records. A year later, due to the success of that hit single, Decca Records picked up her recording contract. Through personal and professional triumphs and tragedies during the past five decades, Loretta has captured the hearts of millions worldwide, and has become one of the most recognized and successful country music artists ever.

 "Hey Loretta" is a one-woman show written, arranged. and produced by Tracey K., a noted Loretta historian. "Hey Loretta" traces the highlights of Loretta’s lengthy career, and the roots and development of Loretta and her music, which evolves from biographical songs to tunes about strong-willed, independent and feisty women.

"Hey Loretta" is a 90-minute 2-part production. The first 45-minute set covers the 1960s (the early years), and after an intermission, the second 45-minute set covers the 1970s to the present (the superstardom years). Appearing on stage with Tracey K. is a male accompanist, who performs the vocals of Loretta’s duet partners, Ernest Tubb and Conway Twitty.

"Hey Loretta" is a heartwarming, loving portrayal of the Queen of Country Music which will leave the audience enlightened and entertained.


The Coal Miner's Daughter is a servicemark of Loretta Lynn Enterprises, Inc.

Hey Loretta, The Girl From Butcher Holler™ is a trademark of Tracey K. Houston.

Hey Loretta, The Girl From Butcher Holler™ is an unauthorized musical based on the life of Loretta Lynn.



Music Clips of Tracey K. singing some tunes from "Hey Loretta"


I'm A Honky Tonk Girl
Whispering Sea
Before I'm Over You

Our Hearts Are Holding Hands
(w/ Troy Cook Jr)

Dear Uncle Sam
Talkin' To The Wall
If Loneliness Can Kill Me
L-O-V-E, Love
Wings Upon Your Horns


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