Released worldwide on CDX Nashville to Positive Country and Americana Radio Stations.


Livin' In These Troubled Times

Tracey K. Houston

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With a very timely message, it takes your heart, love, and all the faith that's in you to navigate these troubled times in which we're living.

It's not often that the artist being paid tribute to is actively involved in the project, however legendary Crystal Gayle is with this one! Tracey K. Houston has always been influenced and loved the music and artistry of Crystal, so she wanted to do this tribute project with Crystal's blessing. Not only did she give her blessing, Crystal helped produce the project! She also wrote the liner notes. Give a listen as one artist pays tribute with love and respect to another!

Released worldwide on CDX Nashville to Positive Country and Americana Radio Stations.

Radio Contact: Debbie Randle / Triumph Promotion 615-939-4121 /

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New Webhost, Updated Website 


With the merge of my webhost provider, that hosted my website for the last 15 or so years, to a new webhost provider, I had to fix the functionality on many of the pages.

Today I have launched my new website with some new updates, including being able to purchase music downloads directly from my page, without going through a 3rd party digital provider.

Please visit my new website. 

Attention DJ's, the hidden DJ page has changed. Please contact me privately for the…

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New website, New Album, New Single.... I'm Back! 

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my newly revamped website! 

Well it’s been a long time since I last posted.  I’ve been so quiet for so long because my desktop computer went on the blink, and it took me forever to figure out the problem and fix it.  Then the software I used to update my website became obsolete and my webhost no longer supported the extensions, so I finally figured it was high time to switch to a web-based website editor and do a complete revamp of my website.  So here we are!  It’s a work in

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