New website, New Album, New Single.... I'm Back!

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my newly revamped website! 

Well it’s been a long time since I last posted.  I’ve been so quiet for so long because my desktop computer went on the blink, and it took me forever to figure out the problem and fix it.  Then the software I used to update my website became obsolete and my webhost no longer supported the extensions, so I finally figured it was high time to switch to a web-based website editor and do a complete revamp of my website.  So here we are!  It’s a work in progress!  

Along with the new website comes a new album, due out on Aug 16th, 2019.  Pre-sales start Aug 9th.  It’s called “Shades of Crystal”, which is an album paying homage to Crystal Gayle.  Many people don’t realize it, but Crystal was an early influence in my music career.  I was singing her songs onstage very early on, and always enjoyed them.  It’s an album I’ve been wanting to do for the past 5 years, when I first asked Crystal how she would feel if I recorded a tribute album to her, and her response was, “I would love that!”  However I couldn’t make it happen until now.  The first single off the new album, “Before I’m Fool Enough”, has been released overseas (Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Asia) on Hillcrest Music Canada.  A USA single release on CDX will be forthcoming shortly.

It was a blast working in the studio on this album.  The music tracks were recorded in Branson, MO at the Haage Music Productions studio, by Jamie Haage’s “Dream Team.” We did everything else in Nashville at Crystal Gayle’s studio on Music Row.  The fine talents of Chris Gatzimos, Crystal’s son, were on full display with his fine Engineering talents, which included the mixing and mastering.  He’s great to work with, very intelligent and knowledgeable of his craft, hilarious to hang out with, one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet, and very professional.  I could go on and on….    I am the Producer on this album, however an unexpected and welcome delight was that Crystal herself was actively involved in many aspects of the album, with some great input and advice, so she’s the Associate Producer on this album. J  There are a few other surprises on the album, but you’ll have to buy the actual CD to see what they are!  

The CD design and artwork were created by the ever capable Scott Ballou in Cincinnati, OH.  He’s very creative and I love his work.  He’s done the artwork on my latest 3 albums.

I’m planning on having a Listening Party for the album, since I’m not quite ready to get back to singing, after the wreck.

If you follow me on Social Media, you may have seen that on Dec 23rd, 2018, I was a passenger in a pickup truck that was involved in a very serious wreck on our way home from Gatlinburg, TN.  Long story short, the truck hit some black ice and we ended up going airborne into the trees.  The wreck demolished the truck and we are lucky to have survived. I’m sure the Angels protected us from it being even more dire and sparing our lives. It knocked me out.  I was laid up in bed all Christmas week due to injuries sustained, including concussion, whiplash, injured right shoulder, broken rib (could barely breathe, walk or otherwise move), a dislocated jaw which made it very difficult to eat, speak and impossible to sing… I could barely open my mouth.  There were several other injuries sustained that I’m still dealing with. Amongst other things, the TMJ Specialist is going to fit me with a “permanent” (2-4 months) mouth appliance to help realign my jaw, which will help with the healing of the neck and shoulder. Seven months later I’m still undergoing medical treatment, and some days still experience a lot of pain, although I’ve come a LONG ways from that horrible day.  I’m soldiering on trying to heal, and I thank God every day for sparing my life.  The wreck happened one week after I finished recording my vocals on the new album.  Thankful for that otherwise the album would have been even further delayed.

On a closing note, I’m starting to book some show dates again late in the year. I should be ready to sing again by then.  The first ones being in Drayton Valley and Camrose, Alberta on Nov 8th-10th, 2019.  Check out my show dates page for more info.

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